XANOVA Warranty

XANOVA warrants to the original purchaser that the product purchased will be free from defects in materials used and workmanship for a period starting from the date of purchased.  The warranty period will vary by specific product categories as specified in Xanova official website.  Except where prohibited by applicable local law, the purchased product warranty is limited to the original purchaser in the local country and is non-transferrable.  This warranty provides you with specific legal rights in the local country and you may have additional legal rights that is country specific (for example, longer warranty period etc).

How to obtain the warranty protection?
Upon purchase of your product, please approach the respective reseller within 30 days to register for the product warranty provided by Xanova. This period may vary according to the local law of different countries.Before making a warranty claim, it is advisable that you review the product support section for technical assistance.  Maybe a simple fix is all you need.  Any warranty claim that cannot be processed through your point of purchase, please email us at service@galaxanova.com

Within the warranty period, if a product has defects, Xanova will be liable for your entitled remedy.   At Xanova’s discretion, we will i) to repair or replace the product; ii) to refund the price paid.  This remedy will be carried out on the condition that i) the defective product be returned to the original point of purchase or another place as directed by Xanova. And ii) The purchaser can present the original sales receipt with date chop and the serial number of the product shown on the it or any legally validated document to be equivalent to a sales receipt. You may be required to pay shipping and handling charges, as well as any applicable tariff, duties, taxes or other fees except where prohibited by applicable law。 XANOVA, at its discretion, may provide replacement product that is equivalent to the defective one, or use new or nearly new components to repair the product or make replacement product.  The warranty period for the replacement product will be the remaining period of the product warranty or 30 days, whichever is longer, or any other period as designated in the applicable law of the respective country.

Problems or Damages Excluded
The said warranty does not include problems or damages resulting from, but not limiting to (1) Accidents, improper use and unauthorized repair/modification/alteration;(2) Misuse, not following the Xanova product guide or connect the product to wrong voltage point. ;(3) Use consumable such as exchangeable battery that is not officially supplied by XANOVA, unless the consumable is banned by the applicable law in respective country (4) Product parts that are provided by XANOVA together with the product are missing; (5) Free parts or accessories that are bundled with the XANOVA product; (6) Any other cause not relating to the material or the workmanship of the XANOVA product or (7) Wear and tear of normal use
The said warranty does not cover any exchange or replacement of electronic devices or personal properties associated with the use of Xanova products.

Limitation of Liabilities
XANOVA should not be liable for any special, indirect or incidental or consequential loss including but not limit to loss of profit/ revenue or data (direct or indirect).   Any business loss arose from any improper use of Xanova product, even known to Xanova the possible damages, nullifies the entitled warranty support of the product.  Limitation of liabilities stated above may not be applied in certain countries where their local law does not allow any limitation or exclusion clauses.

Implied Warranty Period
Unless expressly prohibited by applicable law in respective country, any implied warranty or condition of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose on the product is disclaimed.

Statutory rights
In some countries where there are consumer laws protecting the legal rights of the consumers, the applicable law will supersede the limited warranty policy stated in this policy.  
Other than that, no XANOVA resellers, distributors or employees can alter or extend or add any term or condition into the said limited warranty policy.